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Schools Out for the Summer

I haven’t updated recently due to the overwhelming amount of works that piled up near the end of school. At SVA, starting Sophomore year, Graphic Design and Advertising majors must pass a portfolio review in order to advance to the next grade. I was working on that on top of all of the other final projects in all of my classes.

It doesn’t really make sense to make “finals” week the same week as the portfolio. It’s like having to take your high school finals and then having to SAT right at the end. When do you have time to study for both??? Couldn’t they just make the Portfolio due the week after “finals” week? But no, the seniors have it due on the monday after “finals” week, while the seniors have it due on the friday. Ho Hum.

Now I’m back in GA and I’m actually going to be heading out to Korea soon. Wonder if I’ll be able to upload on that…

Either way. I’m trying to organize everything and round up some pictures for more posts. We’ll see.


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School Representative

I’m sitting in class bored out of my mind, so I start to browse our school website. And what do I see?

I’m on it or a candid shot of me is on the website. I remember last year a person came around to the sculpture building and was taking pictures of our class. I didn’t think too much about it at the time, but whadya know.


There I am in my nasty sculpture clothes in the sculpture building covered in plaster. If you don’t know me personally, you’ll just have to guess which one I am.

Oh and sorry for the long hiatus. I’ve been busy.

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The French and Their P√Ętisseries

I heard about Madeleine P√Ętisserie through some friends, but I never actually went until today, which is unusual, because it is so close to school. I finally walked in, thinking of getting someone a gift.

I’m not going to get into the decor of the place; I’m going straight to the macarons.

The first thing you see upon entering is the large case of macarons. They do sell other pastries, like croissants, madeleines (that look about as equally delicious as their macarons), and tarts. But the macarons are definitely the main attraction. There are a large array of them and in quite a multitude of colors. But don’t be daunted by the sheer number of them, there is a little chalk board off to the side with a list of all the flavors ranging from almond, caramel and dark chocolate to blood orange and white russian. Some of them are even lightly brushed with gold dust. Good golly. Continue reading

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Closing Remarks

Now that I’ve gone through a semester of school, I feel I can finally evaluate some of the teachers at SVA. I remember being so nervous about taking some classes because I was so afraid the teacher would be horrible. Furthermore, there aren’t any REAL sources that could tell me if they’re any good or not. So here it is kids: my two cents on teachers I’ve had this semester.

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Cook Your Food Stupid

I’m a huge advocate of cooking your own food rather than eating out. Although eating out is fun and occasionally unavoidable, nothing beats the satisfaction of a home-cooked meal. Not only can you control what goes in it, but it saves so much more money than eating the same meal at a restaurant.

College students especially need to hold fast to this fact. We’re spending all this money on tuition, supplies, etc…we don’t need to be blowing even more money on food you can easily make yourself.

Yes EasyMac and Ramen are cheap and fast, but the sodium and msg in that could probably kill you before you graduate. It’s not hard to eat right AND cheap!!

On that note, here’s what I made for lunch today.

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New Dorm, New Post

I’ve officially moved into my dorm at SVA, and I can’t even begin to say how much better it is this year than it was last year. New fridge, new beds, new desks, new floors, new everything. It’s the same room I had last year, but they’ve completely revamped the rooms. Thank God. Because before, we had God-knows-how-old carpet floors and grungy walls and yuck. So, this renovation is a HUGE sigh of relief.

Last Year:

This Year:

Quit an improvement, eh?

I’ve been staying at my friend‘s place since the beginning of August. I’ve been feeling too nomadic to write. So hopefully now that I’m more-or-less settled in, I’ll be better about writing.


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