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Schools Out for the Summer

I haven’t updated recently due to the overwhelming amount of works that piled up near the end of school. At SVA, starting Sophomore year, Graphic Design and Advertising majors must pass a portfolio review in order to advance to the next grade. I was working on that on top of all of the other final projects in all of my classes.

It doesn’t really make sense to make “finals” week the same week as the portfolio. It’s like having to take your high school finals and then having to SAT right at the end. When do you have time to study for both??? Couldn’t they just make the Portfolio due the week after “finals” week? But no, the seniors have it due on the monday after “finals” week, while the seniors have it due on the friday. Ho Hum.

Now I’m back in GA and I’m actually going to be heading out to Korea soon. Wonder if I’ll be able to upload on that…

Either way. I’m trying to organize everything and round up some pictures for more posts. We’ll see.


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The Doldrums

I remember reading an excerpt of The Phantom Tollbooth way back in the hayday of elementary school. My memory tends to fail me consistently, so all I can recall of what I read is that the protagonist somehow got stuck in the land of the Doldrums. Everyone there was just lethargic and lazy.

Today is definitely one of those days. I guess it doesn’t help that I’m sick and it’s about to storm outside.

Now I wish I could remember how he got out of the Doldrums.

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