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Waste Not, Want Not

Being in Korea has opened my eyes to the incredible amount of resources America wastes. Sure you hear about it all the time, but seeing another country in comparison is astounding.

At my aunt’s apartment complex, where I’ve been staying these past few months, there are separate waste bins for decomposable (food) waste, plastic, glass, metal, paper, non-recyclables and even designated bins for donations (i.e. clothes). This isn’t just a particular system for my aunt’s apartment or city. This is standard practice all over Korea. Some fast food restaurants even have special containers just for paper cups to be recycled.

This is incredible on two parts: (1) That Korea has such a solid system set up and (2) that people actually follow. In Korea, recycling is just a given, a norm, commonplace, a standard!

In many places in the US, it’s almost a hassle to recycle. You have to request recycling services, which even then are limited in what they can take. Either that, or you have to drive around yourself to drop off your recyclables.  Even in places that have rather impressive and simple recycling systems, people STILL refuse to put in that minuscule effort. In New York City, papers products go in the green bins; aluminum, plastic, and glass go in the blue bins; and everything else goes to trash. The city picks it up for you, and your job is finished. Easy as taking out the garbage. And yet, so much still goes to waste.

Now I’m sure there are avid recyclers around that are exceptions to these claims, but if my experience around SVA and its dorms are proof of anything, it’s that the vast majority is still TOO DAMN LAZY.

Honestly, it’s not that hard.


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Tally Ho!

The hunt is on for a new apartment. As much as I love the SVA dorms, for the price I’m paying for it, I might as well find a place of my own with a REAL kitchen. Besides, I’m going to have to move out after graduation anyway.

Today, we found this lovely place in Brooklyn, that’s pretty far out there (Bushwick? Bed-Sty? Something like that). In between the Kosciuszko and Gates stop on the J line. And it only takes ~30-40 min to get from SVA to there.


But, it was a lovely place. 2-bedroom apartment with central heating and A/C, your own washer & dryer, dishwasher, and balcony. Oh and a freakishly large bathtub. It’s a new building that wasn’t selling so they opened it up to renters. It’s a nice area too, pretty quiet. Continue reading

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Upon the Boardwalk

The weather has been unusually warm for January in New York; It seemed like the perfect time to hit the beach. I got together with my friend and boyfriend, and we made the trip out to the (in)famous Coney Island.

Here’s a fair warning to everyone: the trip doesn’t take the 45 min. the MTA website says it takes. It took an hour and a half to get there on the F from 14th street. So, definitely bring a book along or have really good company. The train does travel above ground occasionally, but there aren’t much sights to see. That is, unless you’re into enormous cemeteries and rusted train stations. Continue reading

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New FroYo in Town

Move aside Pinkberry, Berrywild is coming in.

On 3rd ave. between 29 & 30 (more towards 30th), there’s a new frozen yogurt joint called Berrywild. Out of all the frozen yogurt places I’ve hit up in NYC, this is the best. Plus, it’s open pretty late.

They have 2 types of frozen yogurt: the Berry Smooth and the Kinda Icy. The Berry Smooth is creamier and tastes more like a mix between soft serve and frozen yogurt, while the Kinda Icy is tarter and has a more yogurty flavor. The flavors come in plain, green tea, coffee, and who knows what else because the flavors change.

Best of all, if you can’t decide, just ask for a sample!

If you don’t go for the Berry Smooth Plain, definitely go for the coffee. SO GOOD!

My favorite combo: Berry Smooth Plain + Mango + blueberry + granola + almonds.


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The Unfinancial Side of the Financial District

The impeccable weather inspired an impromptu excursion down to the the lower lower part of Manhattan called the Financial District. I didn’t think there was much to see or do there except to acknowledge the billions of dollars that pass through the area everyday. Oh ignorant little me.

Edging our way closer to the Brooklyn Bridge.

Manhattan’s side of the Brooklyn Bridge

A beautiful street (minus the construction) with gorgeous buildings.

Welcome to South Street Seaport. How did I not know this existed??

View of the Brooklyn Bridge from South Seaport. Just look at that sky.sv1015531.jpg

Panoramic View from South Seaport

Traveling around New York City, I’ve seen my share of street performers and the ones at the South Street Seaport were of no exception. Well, one exception: The White Pilot. Decked out in military gear and even equipped with sound effects, this guy deserves to be duly noted.
Just drop some money in his box and he’ll shake the hand of any gent or kiss the hand of any lady. Heck, he even gives out little plastic army men to the kids. Mr. White Pilot, I salute you. (and I promise to drop in some money next time!)

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