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DC Movies Still Suck

Finally decided to watch the Dark Knight yesterday, in the incredible IMAX experience.

By the way, when did IMAX get so expensive? $15. Yeesh. I could’ve had a nice dinner instead of watching that crappy movie.

So, everyone keeps ranting and raving about how the Dark Knight is the greatest superhero movie of all time, how Christian Bale is the greatest badass hero, Heath Ledger is the best villian ever, yadda yadda.

Of all the claims I’ve heard about the Dark Knight, the only one I can agree on is Heath Ledger’s role as the Joker. He is the only success of the Batman movies thus far. I know Christopher Nolan was aiming for a darker, edgier, more realistic Batman unlike the campy Joel Schumacher batman films of the 90s. While Schumacher made a mockery of the Batman franchise with cheesy scripts and costumes, Nolan has gone TOO far in the other direction that Batman overly gritty and too planted in “realism” that he is ultimately unbelieveable.

However, the Joker was the dead ringer for a comicbook villain to manifest himself in reality. He had enough of the classic Joker’s psychosis and sense of humor seen in the comic book with the perfect twist of realistic darkness.

While in the other comic universe of Marvel, we have Iron Man, which I loved to pieces. It was the perfect summer blockbuster. Humorous, action-packed, and it is the best superhero movie that has come out so far. You got to see Tony Stark’s moral direction in an quick, justifiable pace without having to travel to friggin Siberia or wherever and watch Christian Bale train for with ninjas, like in Batman Begins (which I also did not favor so much).

So far, DC hasn’t has much success in the movie realm with their creations. The newest Superman didn’t even peak my interests. The renewed Batman series still hasn’t shown any merit for me. Furthermore, I can see the upcoming Watchmen movie dying at the box office. The trailer seems geared towards the true devotees of the comicbook series, which is a small niches, and doesn’t help anyone who knows nothing about it, which is the greater audience.

Marvel, on the otherhand, has had great success in the X-men movies (although the quality of said movies are arguable), that has led to two separate spinoffs featuring Wolverine and another with Magneto. Ironman won rave reviews by fans and critics alike. Okay, so both Hulk movies weren’t exactly huge successes, but the (horrible) Spiderman movies more than make up for the Hulk’s lack of sales.

DC can’t ride Batman’s success much longer. It’s going to need something greater soon. Hopefully, the Justic League movie can pull it off, but….I doubt it.


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Click now for some exciting keyword searches provided to you by the good people at imdb.

Non Statutory Female on Male Rape

Body In Suitcase

Obscene Finger Gesture

Title Spoken By Character

Uncle Nephew Relationship


Bad Teeth

Defecation Scene

Returning Character Killed Off

Round People

and of course

Twisted Version of Current World

If none of these exciting topics interest you, just go to imdb.com and type in your own nonsensical phrases to find the movie you wish to see.


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After walking out on Transformers…

Friend: Go google Michael Bay’s home address.

Slim: Why?

Friend: So I can go kill him like he’s killed my childhood.

Slim: Shoot man, I’ll google map his address for you.

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Back in the Day

My Top Favorite Black & White Movies (in no particular order):

A Patch of Blue
Some Like It Hot
The Philadelphia Story
The Miracle Worker
A Streetcar Named Desire
The Apartment
Sunset Boulevard

Wow, I could have sworn I’ve seen more. Oh wait, I have, but I just didn’t like them so much.

Complete (as far as I know) List of all Black & White Movies I’ve seen:
[addendum to the list above]

All About Eve
The Defiant Ones
The Best Years of Our Lives
Lilies of the Field
To Kill a Mockingbird
It Happened One Night
Plan 9 from Outer Space
Young Frankenstein
La Grande Illusion

Well that’s all I can think of at the moment. I’m sure there are more, but I can’t recall. I know, it’s sad: the list should be longer.

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