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Schools Out for the Summer

I haven’t updated recently due to the overwhelming amount of works that piled up near the end of school. At SVA, starting Sophomore year, Graphic Design and Advertising majors must pass a portfolio review in order to advance to the next grade. I was working on that on top of all of the other final projects in all of my classes.

It doesn’t really make sense to make “finals” week the same week as the portfolio. It’s like having to take your high school finals and then having to SAT right at the end. When do you have time to study for both??? Couldn’t they just make the Portfolio due the week after “finals” week? But no, the seniors have it due on the monday after “finals” week, while the seniors have it due on the friday. Ho Hum.

Now I’m back in GA and I’m actually going to be heading out to Korea soon. Wonder if I’ll be able to upload on that…

Either way. I’m trying to organize everything and round up some pictures for more posts. We’ll see.


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Tally Ho!

The hunt is on for a new apartment. As much as I love the SVA dorms, for the price I’m paying for it, I might as well find a place of my own with a REAL kitchen. Besides, I’m going to have to move out after graduation anyway.

Today, we found this lovely place in Brooklyn, that’s pretty far out there (Bushwick? Bed-Sty? Something like that). In between the Kosciuszko and Gates stop on the J line. And it only takes ~30-40 min to get from SVA to there.


But, it was a lovely place. 2-bedroom apartment with central heating and A/C, your own washer & dryer, dishwasher, and balcony. Oh and a freakishly large bathtub. It’s a new building that wasn’t selling so they opened it up to renters. It’s a nice area too, pretty quiet. Continue reading

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Wedding Bells

No, I’m not getting married. I’m too young…but at then again the wedding I went to, the bride and groom are only 24. Hmm…

Been busy. So much so that I’m going to leave this post unfinished and get some sleep.

But, in the meantime, enjoy this poignant picture of the reception dinner.


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Cook Your Food Stupid

I’m a huge advocate of cooking your own food rather than eating out. Although eating out is fun and occasionally unavoidable, nothing beats the satisfaction of a home-cooked meal. Not only can you control what goes in it, but it saves so much more money than eating the same meal at a restaurant.

College students especially need to hold fast to this fact. We’re spending all this money on tuition, supplies, etc…we don’t need to be blowing even more money on food you can easily make yourself.

Yes EasyMac and Ramen are cheap and fast, but the sodium and msg in that could probably kill you before you graduate. It’s not hard to eat right AND cheap!!

On that note, here’s what I made for lunch today.

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Ya Gotta Shop Around

Is it bad that I get more excited to see what’s on sale at my local supermarket than at any clothing store?


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Real Fortunes

Every time I eat a fortune cookie and read the so-called “fortune,” I always gripe about how they’re not really fortunes but just wise sayings. I don’t care about that Confucius says that a wise man is slow to judge. If the name says “Fortune Cookie” then I want my fortune told. Either that, or change the name to “Proverb Cookies.”

However, recently, a large amount of fortune cookies have come into my possession and I noticed that they’re no longer proverbs, but actual fortunes. I thought the first few were just a fluke, but then they just kept on coming.

For example:

“If it is meant to be, who are you to change that? It’s time to believe it.”

“It could be better, but its good enough.”

“Look around yourself. Your answer is nearby.”

“They will be grateful that you cared enough to make it.”

“An unexpected check or fortune will arrive today.”

“Your laugh now, wait till you get home.”

“Right now there’s an energy pushing you in a new direction.”

“It’s over your head now. Time to get some professional help.”

“Be brave at heart. Take the chance it’s been there all the time.”

“You are ready to take on the world.”

“An unexpected bill or financial report will arrive today.”

So, kudos to you fortune cookie makers for gusty-ing up and making them actual fortunes inside. You’re finally living up to your name.

Still doesn’t mean I believe any of that crap, but kudos nonetheless.

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Can’t Resist a Good Flaky Pastry

Whether it be a strudel, croissant or turnover, I can’t resist that flaky dough and Tisserie delivers when it comes to those pastries. Their baked goods carry just enough crunch and flakiness and the buttery taste doesn’t feel greasy or heavy at all. I’ve had many of their Apple Chaussons and Apple Pockets (both of which I highly recommend) and just recently I’ve had their Cream Cheese Strudel which was also delightful tasty and filling. But if you’re not into sweets, they carry a variety of sandwiches, quiches, pizzas, salads, etc. But the sweets are the better deal.


The interior decor is pretty swanky. (Thankfully) they’ve recently put in more seating downstairs so you don’t have to stand around and enjoy your goodies. It’s very relaxing to just sit and munch while you people-watch.


Though Tisserie is near and dear to my heart, I must warn against the desserts. They look lovely, but their track record has not been very good, not to mention their prices are rather steep. My friend had the Passion Fruit Mousse just the other day and it was too much tart and not enough taste. The cakes and cheesecakes are also so-so. I highly recommend steering clear of the quiches. I was with my other friend when she got a slice of Salmon Quiche, and it was disgustingly salty. So much so, that we could hardly finish it together while taking nibbles of my apple pocket to subside the saltiness. Additionally, the crab in the Crab Quiches look noticeably like imitation crab meat.


But if you’re ever around Union Square, you should check it out because the puff pastries are just that good. And the prices are very reasonable (as long as you stick with the pastries)

857 Broadway
New York, NY 10003
(on the NW Corner of Union Square, 17th st)

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