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Chai for Thai off Bedford Ave

Ah yes. Finally I’m reviewing another restaurant. It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

I was out with my bf in Williamsburg and we decided to venture towards Chai. I’d eaten there before and was pleasantly surprised. He’d gone there plenty of times with his roommate and his roommate’s girlfriend.

Normally I don’t like Thai food at all, mostly because the first time I had it was just awful and that experience has tainted my opinion of it ever since. But this place was pretty nice. It has a very cozy and stylish decor with a relaxing pool with flowers.

The best part is the lunch special from 12pm to 4pm: $5.95 for an appetizer and entree with your choice of chicken, beef, or tofu. I don’t know if the price made the food better or if the food made the price even better.

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Tally Ho!

The hunt is on for a new apartment. As much as I love the SVA dorms, for the price I’m paying for it, I might as well find a place of my own with a REAL kitchen. Besides, I’m going to have to move out after graduation anyway.

Today, we found this lovely place in Brooklyn, that’s pretty far out there (Bushwick? Bed-Sty? Something like that). In between the Kosciuszko and Gates stop on the J line. And it only takes ~30-40 min to get from SVA to there.


But, it was a lovely place. 2-bedroom apartment with central heating and A/C, your own washer & dryer, dishwasher, and balcony. Oh and a freakishly large bathtub. It’s a new building that wasn’t selling so they opened it up to renters. It’s a nice area too, pretty quiet. Continue reading

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Upon the Boardwalk

The weather has been unusually warm for January in New York; It seemed like the perfect time to hit the beach. I got together with my friend and boyfriend, and we made the trip out to the (in)famous Coney Island.

Here’s a fair warning to everyone: the trip doesn’t take the 45 min. the MTA website says it takes. It took an hour and a half to get there on the F from 14th street. So, definitely bring a book along or have really good company. The train does travel above ground occasionally, but there aren’t much sights to see. That is, unless you’re into enormous cemeteries and rusted train stations. Continue reading

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Bagels on Bedford

More adventuring in Brooklyn has led me to The Bagel Store on Bedford Ave. in Williamsburg. My boyfriend got me a raisin bagel from there once, and I was hooked.

Before Christmas, I thought I’d treat myself to some bagels to last me the week. Lucky for me, they have a special of “buy 6, get 2 free” for only $3.60. I love Brooklyn. I planned on getting one of every variety they had, but it looks like it’s going to take multiple trips for that. So I settled on:

  1. Everything
  2. Plain
  3. Poppyseed
  4. Sesame
  5. Christmas
  6. French Toast
  7. Pumpernickel
  8. Raisin

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Circa 1938

So I have finally dined outside of Manhattan and found a place worth mentioning.

Moto Cafe. Sadly, the website tells you nothing about the place, but it is definitely a hidden gem in Brooklyn. Right outside of the Hewes Street Station off of the J line, Moto Cafe is hardly noticeable. There are no lights or signs really, and the name Moto is scribbled on the outside of its door in chalk.

The industrial exterior doesn’t grab your attention, but entering is another experience. There’s only one word to describe it (and yes, I know it’s cheesy): Vintage. I kid you not, it’s almost exactly like the pictures they have on the website, albeit the tables have changed.

A friend of my tried to take me here once, but it was packed. Which isn’t surprising, seeing how there are only like 12 tiny tables available + the bar. But as luck would have it I was in Brooklyn with the same friends this past Saturday and Moto Cafe is open on weekends for brunch. Continue reading


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American Gangster(s)


Hello American Gangster the album, meet American Gangster the movie.

Honestly, the only reason I saw the movie was because Jay-Z’s new album was so good. Well, that and anything Denzel Washington touches is pure magic. Russell Crowe ain’t too bad either. So, them together on screen? Gold. Too bad I fell for the false advertising of the movie trailer and thought that they’d interact more in the movie. Which didn’t happen until the last 8 minutes of the movie. Yeah.

I preferred Russell Crowe’s character (whose name escapes me) over Frank Lucas (the drug lord), not because Frank Lucas was the “bad guy” or anything, but Crowe’s character had more depth and dimension.

Overall, the movie presented both characters’ struggles and the drug issues of the time very well, but I still left the theater unsatisfied. Something was lacking.

On the flip side, Jay-Z’s new album which was supposedly “inspired” by the movie is pretty kick ass. I’m normally not into the hip-hop scene, but I have to admit, he’s got some pretty good and addictive beats. I love all the songs he samples too. The entire album just has a good vibe.

And my parting words: HELLO BROOKLYN!


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