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The Better Deal

Why is it so hard to find a subtle smelling hand lotion that doesn’t feel greasy? My only requirements were that it doesn’t smell “girly” (because it’s for my boyfriend) and that it doesn’t feel like it’s still stuck on your skin. Yet it took forever to finally find this one.


I was walking around SoHo for no particular reason when I stumbled on L’Occitane en Provence. Better still, they are having a major sale on most of their stuff. Not only did the Olive Tomato Organic Garden Hand Cream fit the criteria, but it was the best deal too. Yeah, I know it sounds like pasta, but it actually has a light, citric smell. And it feels equally light and soothing.

Just the day before, I settled on Fresh’s Sugar Blossom Hand Treatment because I couldn’t find anything better. It’s a good lotion, but the scent just wasn’t working for me. Plus, after today’s deal, Fresh lotion cost more for half of the quantity of the L’Occitane lotion. Before that, I tried Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve but it smelled medicinal and felt greasy.

Now all I have to do is return the Fresh lotion tomorrow and get my money back. Dang. I mean get “store credit.” Well, at least, you guys should catch that L’Occitane sale. Because I can’t afford to, especially now that I’m not getting any cash back. Oh well.


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