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Waste Not, Want Not

Being in Korea has opened my eyes to the incredible amount of resources America wastes. Sure you hear about it all the time, but seeing another country in comparison is astounding.

At my aunt’s apartment complex, where I’ve been staying these past few months, there are separate waste bins for decomposable (food) waste, plastic, glass, metal, paper, non-recyclables and even designated bins for donations (i.e. clothes). This isn’t just a particular system for my aunt’s apartment or city. This is standard practice all over Korea. Some fast food restaurants even have special containers just for paper cups to be recycled.

This is incredible on two parts: (1) That Korea has such a solid system set up and (2) that people actually follow. In Korea, recycling is just a given, a norm, commonplace, a standard!

In many places in the US, it’s almost a hassle to recycle. You have to request recycling services, which even then are limited in what they can take. Either that, or you have to drive around yourself to drop off your recyclables.  Even in places that have rather impressive and simple recycling systems, people STILL refuse to put in that minuscule effort. In New York City, papers products go in the green bins; aluminum, plastic, and glass go in the blue bins; and everything else goes to trash. The city picks it up for you, and your job is finished. Easy as taking out the garbage. And yet, so much still goes to waste.

Now I’m sure there are avid recyclers around that are exceptions to these claims, but if my experience around SVA and its dorms are proof of anything, it’s that the vast majority is still TOO DAMN LAZY.

Honestly, it’s not that hard.


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Chai for Thai off Bedford Ave

Ah yes. Finally I’m reviewing another restaurant. It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

I was out with my bf in Williamsburg and we decided to venture towards Chai. I’d eaten there before and was pleasantly surprised. He’d gone there plenty of times with his roommate and his roommate’s girlfriend.

Normally I don’t like Thai food at all, mostly because the first time I had it was just awful and that experience has tainted my opinion of it ever since. But this place was pretty nice. It has a very cozy and stylish decor with a relaxing pool with flowers.

The best part is the lunch special from 12pm to 4pm: $5.95 for an appetizer and entree with your choice of chicken, beef, or tofu. I don’t know if the price made the food better or if the food made the price even better.

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Tally Ho!

The hunt is on for a new apartment. As much as I love the SVA dorms, for the price I’m paying for it, I might as well find a place of my own with a REAL kitchen. Besides, I’m going to have to move out after graduation anyway.

Today, we found this lovely place in Brooklyn, that’s pretty far out there (Bushwick? Bed-Sty? Something like that). In between the Kosciuszko and Gates stop on the J line. And it only takes ~30-40 min to get from SVA to there.


But, it was a lovely place. 2-bedroom apartment with central heating and A/C, your own washer & dryer, dishwasher, and balcony. Oh and a freakishly large bathtub. It’s a new building that wasn’t selling so they opened it up to renters. It’s a nice area too, pretty quiet. Continue reading

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School Representative

I’m sitting in class bored out of my mind, so I start to browse our school website. And what do I see?

I’m on it or a candid shot of me is on the website. I remember last year a person came around to the sculpture building and was taking pictures of our class. I didn’t think too much about it at the time, but whadya know.


There I am in my nasty sculpture clothes in the sculpture building covered in plaster. If you don’t know me personally, you’ll just have to guess which one I am.

Oh and sorry for the long hiatus. I’ve been busy.

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The French and Their Pâtisseries

I heard about Madeleine Pâtisserie through some friends, but I never actually went until today, which is unusual, because it is so close to school. I finally walked in, thinking of getting someone a gift.

I’m not going to get into the decor of the place; I’m going straight to the macarons.

The first thing you see upon entering is the large case of macarons. They do sell other pastries, like croissants, madeleines (that look about as equally delicious as their macarons), and tarts. But the macarons are definitely the main attraction. There are a large array of them and in quite a multitude of colors. But don’t be daunted by the sheer number of them, there is a little chalk board off to the side with a list of all the flavors ranging from almond, caramel and dark chocolate to blood orange and white russian. Some of them are even lightly brushed with gold dust. Good golly. Continue reading

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Upon the Boardwalk

The weather has been unusually warm for January in New York; It seemed like the perfect time to hit the beach. I got together with my friend and boyfriend, and we made the trip out to the (in)famous Coney Island.

Here’s a fair warning to everyone: the trip doesn’t take the 45 min. the MTA website says it takes. It took an hour and a half to get there on the F from 14th street. So, definitely bring a book along or have really good company. The train does travel above ground occasionally, but there aren’t much sights to see. That is, unless you’re into enormous cemeteries and rusted train stations. Continue reading

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The Better Deal

Why is it so hard to find a subtle smelling hand lotion that doesn’t feel greasy? My only requirements were that it doesn’t smell “girly” (because it’s for my boyfriend) and that it doesn’t feel like it’s still stuck on your skin. Yet it took forever to finally find this one.


I was walking around SoHo for no particular reason when I stumbled on L’Occitane en Provence. Better still, they are having a major sale on most of their stuff. Not only did the Olive Tomato Organic Garden Hand Cream fit the criteria, but it was the best deal too. Yeah, I know it sounds like pasta, but it actually has a light, citric smell. And it feels equally light and soothing.

Just the day before, I settled on Fresh’s Sugar Blossom Hand Treatment because I couldn’t find anything better. It’s a good lotion, but the scent just wasn’t working for me. Plus, after today’s deal, Fresh lotion cost more for half of the quantity of the L’Occitane lotion. Before that, I tried Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve but it smelled medicinal and felt greasy.

Now all I have to do is return the Fresh lotion tomorrow and get my money back. Dang. I mean get “store credit.” Well, at least, you guys should catch that L’Occitane sale. Because I can’t afford to, especially now that I’m not getting any cash back. Oh well.

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