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How old are they???

The B-52s are still around? producing new albums?? making the #11 spot on the Billboard charts??? AND they’re from Georgia????

I’m so misinformed…


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American Gangster(s)


Hello American Gangster the album, meet American Gangster the movie.

Honestly, the only reason I saw the movie was because Jay-Z’s new album was so good. Well, that and anything Denzel Washington touches is pure magic. Russell Crowe ain’t too bad either. So, them together on screen? Gold. Too bad I fell for the false advertising of the movie trailer and thought that they’d interact more in the movie. Which didn’t happen until the last 8 minutes of the movie. Yeah.

I preferred Russell Crowe’s character (whose name escapes me) over Frank Lucas (the drug lord), not because Frank Lucas was the “bad guy” or anything, but Crowe’s character had more depth and dimension.

Overall, the movie presented both characters’ struggles and the drug issues of the time very well, but I still left the theater unsatisfied. Something was lacking.

On the flip side, Jay-Z’s new album which was supposedly “inspired” by the movie is pretty kick ass. I’m normally not into the hip-hop scene, but I have to admit, he’s got some pretty good and addictive beats. I love all the songs he samples too. The entire album just has a good vibe.

And my parting words: HELLO BROOKLYN!


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For lack of better words…


Hey Maroon 5, the Nineties called. They want their synthesizer back.

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