Chai for Thai off Bedford Ave

Ah yes. Finally I’m reviewing another restaurant. It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

I was out with my bf in Williamsburg and we decided to venture towards Chai. I’d eaten there before and was pleasantly surprised. He’d gone there plenty of times with his roommate and his roommate’s girlfriend.

Normally I don’t like Thai food at all, mostly because the first time I had it was just awful and that experience has tainted my opinion of it ever since. But this place was pretty nice. It has a very cozy and stylish decor with a relaxing pool with flowers.

The best part is the lunch special from 12pm to 4pm: $5.95 for an appetizer and entree with your choice of chicken, beef, or tofu. I don’t know if the price made the food better or if the food made the price even better.

For the appetizer, you get a choice of soup, spring roll, or salad. I’ve always gotten the spring roll. I have no idea what the garnish is. Some sort of dyed radish? Last time mine was orange. Either way, the spring rolls are fried to crispy perfection served with a touch plum sauce.

We also decided to add in another starter for good measure: the Japanese Style Fried Chicken, marinated chicken with sake, soy sauce, and ginger juice. I don’t know about the sake or soy sauce, but it was such tender chicken also fried to crispy perfection. Squeezing some lemon juice definitely brings out more of the flavor.

Then came the entrees.

He got the chicken pad thai (again) but it is a goodie. It’s not soggy like what I’ve had before with a nice fresh balance of noodles, egg, chicken, shrimp, peanut, bean sprouts, and scallions. Love to squeeze that lime for that extra kick.

I got the Red Curry with chicken this time around. It was definitely a rich curry abounding with bamboo shoots and coconut milk. It was tasty, but as I got to the end, it was almost too much for me.

It’s a great place to hit up, especially if you’re around the area between the hours of 12 and 4pm. The service is always nice, the foods great and it’s only $6. What more do you need?

Chai Home Kitchen
124 N 6th St. (btwn Bedford Ave & Berry St.)
Brooklyn, NY 11211


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