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Korean Food (quick and dirty)

My lack of Korean food lately has put me into a withdrawal of sorts. I’m moody, irritated, hungry, and insatiable. The most Korean thing I’ve been eating lately has been Kimchi fried rice. But now with final portolios and projects due, I definitely don’t have time to make anything myself. Sigh. At least I’ll be able to go home in a little over a month and eat real food.

Kimchi Fried Rice

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School Representative

I’m sitting in class bored out of my mind, so I start to browse our school website. And what do I see?

I’m on it or a candid shot of me is on the website. I remember last year a person came around to the sculpture building and was taking pictures of our class. I didn’t think too much about it at the time, but whadya know.


There I am in my nasty sculpture clothes in the sculpture building covered in plaster. If you don’t know me personally, you’ll just have to guess which one I am.

Oh and sorry for the long hiatus. I’ve been busy.

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