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Me and my friend were wandering around W. Village on my birthday, when we stumbled upon heaven: L’arte Del Gelato. We had almost given up and gotten a cone at Mary’s Dairy.

Good God and all that is holy. The biscotti gelato at L’arte Del Gelato is amazing. They have an incredible array of flavors and are more than happy to let you sample them. All of their gelato has the perfect texture and flavor. You definitely cannot leave her unsatisfied. I got the Italiano Cone (i think) which is a cone with 2 flavors: biscotti + pistachio for around $3.78 if memory serves me right.

Great deal if you ask me. For only $4 you can get 2 scoops of heaven on a cone.

Now I know West Village is kinda hard to navigate, but fear not! L’art Del Gelato is actually in a fairly easy location. Just go down 7 Ave until you hit bleecker. Hard to miss.

After looking at their website, they also have a location in Chelsea Market. So no excuses. Go get gelato. NOW.



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Wedding Bells

No, I’m not getting married. I’m too young…but at then again the wedding I went to, the bride and groom are only 24. Hmm…

Been busy. So much so that I’m going to leave this post unfinished and get some sleep.

But, in the meantime, enjoy this poignant picture of the reception dinner.


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The Sauce Makes All the Difference

I actually had some time on my hands and made a nice treat for me and two friends. Honestly, I made this a while ago, but I’ve only now decided to post it up.

I present to you….

It’s like a big cabbage pancake with meat, mayo, sauce, and bonita (dried fish) flakes on top.


My friend first introduced it to me at our favorite food spot: St. Mark’s Place. It’s got lots of kinky and strange goodies and awesome (especially Japanese) food. But you can’t just walk into any Japanese place and expect greatness. Continue reading

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Common Decency

I was walking down 5th Ave when I saw this crowd of people and police cars. There was a woman lying (I assume) unconscious in the middle of the street. There were two other women attending her. The police had stopped traffic and were awaiting the ambulance.

There wasn’t any blood or wreckage, so I don’t think she was hit by a car, but all i know is any situation where a human being lying in the middle of a busy street is not a good situation at all.

So a message to all those bystanders who were gawking at the whole scene, waiting for something exciting to happen…


You do NOT take pictures of the woman’s body like she’s flippin’ Paris Hilton.
You do NOT snicker to your friend beside you as you point at the scene.
You do NOT try to snake through the crowds to get a better look.

Good God! People!

This reminded me of when my mom was in a bad car accident. The car was flipped on its side and her leg was stuck between the seat and the door. She’s having a panic attack and people just circled around the car and took pictures, not even bothering to help.

When you see a horrible situation like that, it’s okay to stop and take a look. BUT YOU MOVE ON!! Once you see that the proper authorities are handling the situation and that there’s nothing for you to do, you continue on your merry little way. You don’t stand there and gawk like moron. Let the woman keep some shred of dignity while she’s possibly dying on 5th Ave.


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