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Waiting for the 6 train at Union Square:

Drunk: Well I’d ask your names…but…I guess I’ll be blank. I’m blank.

Friend: Yeah, I’m blank too.

Slim: I’ll be dot-dot-dot.

Drunk: Oh really, well, my friend here, he’s Backspace. That other guy is Shift. And this guy here will be Control-alt-delete.

Friend: Well I’ll be Right Parenthesis.

Drunk: Well this is Juno…I mean Shift. I’m S-space bar. And you’re Left Parenthesis?…

Friend: I’ll just make it easier and be Bracket.

Drunk: Ah Bracket. Well I’d like to tell you that your brackets are very even.

Friend: …thanks…

Drunk: And you are…

Slim: I’m dot-dot-dot.

Drunk: Oh well, your dots are very….dot-dot-dot.

Slim: Thanks…

Drunk: There’s the train. I’ll see you guys later on AOL…

Slim: Yeah. Sure.


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Easy as Boiling a Pot of Water

People are always amazed to see that I can cook. I never understood why knowing how to cook is such an accomplishment. It’s either you cook your food or starve: pretty basic necessity since the dawn of man. Cooking really isn’t that hard. I mean, the only way you can fail at cooking is that you make it inedible. Maybe the finesse of julienning or flambeing might be a little difficult to obtain, but otherwise if it tastes good to you: success.

I do enjoy cooking. It’s fun, and it goes hand-in-hand with eating, which is also another great passion of mine. Not to brag or anything, but almost everything I make comes out pretty good too; almost.

Sadly, the one thing that gets me every time is ramyun. For some strange, bizarre, unexplainable reason, I can never enjoy a pot of ramyun I make myself. People who tell me they can’t cook anything cook better ramyun than I do. Whenever I eat ramyun that someone else makes, I think it’s delicious, but I can never duplicate the taste. All you do is boil water, add in the noodles, and then powder, yet I can never get it right.

Maybe it’s just me thinking it tastes bad. Or maybe because I don’t eat it too often, I haven’t practiced enough. Or maybe I just really do fail at making ramyun.

Well, I guess I can look on the brighter side. Ramyun’s bad for you anyway, so no good comes out of making it well.

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Cook Your Food Stupid

I’m a huge advocate of cooking your own food rather than eating out. Although eating out is fun and occasionally unavoidable, nothing beats the satisfaction of a home-cooked meal. Not only can you control what goes in it, but it saves so much more money than eating the same meal at a restaurant.

College students especially need to hold fast to this fact. We’re spending all this money on tuition, supplies, etc…we don’t need to be blowing even more money on food you can easily make yourself.

Yes EasyMac and Ramen are cheap and fast, but the sodium and msg in that could probably kill you before you graduate. It’s not hard to eat right AND cheap!!

On that note, here’s what I made for lunch today.

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Ya Gotta Shop Around

Is it bad that I get more excited to see what’s on sale at my local supermarket than at any clothing store?


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Product Honesty

Nothing complements a bowl of jajangmyeon like some nice, sweet danmooji (pickled yellow radish). The sweetness of the danmooji just fits so well with the black jajang sauce.


But then i turned the package around and saw this:

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Ristorante Italiano

I have to confess: I’m not a fan of Italian restaurants.

Don’t get me wrong! I love Italian food, but I’d much rather make it myself from store bought pasta and sauce than go to a fancy place and pay up the wazoo for the same stuff.

Seriously, every Italian place I’ve gone to I have left very unsatisfied. From Little Italy (DO NOT GO TO LITTLE ITALY), to around Manhattan, and even to a place in Brooklyn recommended by a REAL Italian family, I’ve not found a place to my liking. And don’t even get me started on the prices.

Maybe I have skewed preferences when it comes to sauce, but is it so wrong to want my sauce to have a fresh, slightly sweet, tomato-y taste? Is it?

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New FroYo in Town

Move aside Pinkberry, Berrywild is coming in.

On 3rd ave. between 29 & 30 (more towards 30th), there’s a new frozen yogurt joint called Berrywild. Out of all the frozen yogurt places I’ve hit up in NYC, this is the best. Plus, it’s open pretty late.

They have 2 types of frozen yogurt: the Berry Smooth and the Kinda Icy. The Berry Smooth is creamier and tastes more like a mix between soft serve and frozen yogurt, while the Kinda Icy is tarter and has a more yogurty flavor. The flavors come in plain, green tea, coffee, and who knows what else because the flavors change.

Best of all, if you can’t decide, just ask for a sample!

If you don’t go for the Berry Smooth Plain, definitely go for the coffee. SO GOOD!

My favorite combo: Berry Smooth Plain + Mango + blueberry + granola + almonds.


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