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New Dorm, New Post

I’ve officially moved into my dorm at SVA, and I can’t even begin to say how much better it is this year than it was last year. New fridge, new beds, new desks, new floors, new everything. It’s the same room I had last year, but they’ve completely revamped the rooms. Thank God. Because before, we had God-knows-how-old carpet floors and grungy walls and yuck. So, this renovation is a HUGE sigh of relief.

Last Year:

This Year:

Quit an improvement, eh?

I’ve been staying at my friend‘s place since the beginning of August. I’ve been feeling too nomadic to write. So hopefully now that I’m more-or-less settled in, I’ll be better about writing.



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It’s August 1o and it’s 59° F outside. What is going on?

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For lack of better words…


Hey Maroon 5, the Nineties called. They want their synthesizer back.

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It’s That Time Again…again

As luck would have it, Restaurant Week has been extended to Labor Day folks.

This time, I’m in town to catch it.

Slim is finally back in NY.

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Black Lung

Yes. We all know about the risks of smoking and all that jazz about lung cancer. I hate smoking solely because I can’t stand the smell of it. It’s gross. Don’t do it. Especially around me.

My grandfather (step-dad’s dad) is 81 years old. He has been smoking for about 60 of those 81 years of his life and yet he is the spriest old man I have ever seen.

Take that anti-smoking campaign?

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